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Livestock Farming Challenges in coastal Scotland – Presentation.

13 June 2019

In November 2018, Professor Davy McCracken of SRUC was invited to speak at the Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland Conference in Glasgow. He presented in a workshop focused on “The changing coast: sharing knowledge and practice.” This workshop was supported by the Scottish Consortium for Rural Research, with the intent to bring rural and marine experts together to explore synergies in the coastal zone.

Davy’s presentation was entitled “Livestock farming challenges in Coastal Scotland” and focussed on three main areas:

  • Diffuse pollution issues associated with lowland livestock farming, especially dairy farming in the south-west of Scotland.
  • Poor nutrition and pest/disease issues associated with coastal sheep and cattle farming in the north-west of Scotland.
  • Negative and positive interactions between wildlife (geese, predators, wading birds) and coastal farming systems.

A copy of Davy’s presentation is available here. For any comments or questions, please email us or Davy on