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Seasonal Migrant Workers in Scottish Agriculture: an update

Steven Thomson and Dr Rob Mc Morran have revisited some of the businesses contacted in 2017 for the “Farm Workers in Scottish Agriculture: Studies in the International Seasonal Migrant Labour Market” project, to produce a short briefing providing updates on seasonal migrant issues in Scottish agriculture.

Seasonal Migrant workers are critical to the success of Scotland’s horticulture and potato sector, and the 2018 report reiterated just how reliant this output was on EU work force. This briefing provides an update on a small number of the horticulture farms and labour providers that were engaged with during the 2017/18 research, to asses how changes since the research was undertaken are affecting businesses.

The full briefing can be viewed and downloaded here:

Seasonal Migrant Workers in Scottish Agriculture: an update

Any questions or comments; contact Steven Thomson or Rob Mc Morran

This work was funded through the Scottish Government’s 2016-2021 Strategic Research Programme.