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Future Farm Support – What are the priorities?

On the back of Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs suggestion at the Scottish Conservative Party conference that the UK Government may wish to start spending money on devolved matters – including agriculture – in the future, Steven Thomson (Senior Agricultural Economist & Policy Advisor, SRUC) discusses what this would mean for the future of Scottish Farming. His June 2019 article for Farm North East (Issue No.93) goes on to discuss what exactly future support may look like.

To download and read the full article please see the link below. For any comments, questions or queries, please visit out contact us pages, or email Steven directly on

What shape might future farm support take- Farm North East May, June 2019 

This research was funded by the Scottish Government.  The Scottish Government funding is part of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021, Theme 2, Work Package 2.4 Rural Industries.

Steven Thomson, SRUC