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Deal, No Deal, Remain – what’s best for food and farming?

First published in Farm North East Issue No 91. January 2019, Steven Thomson (Senior Agricultural Economist & Policy Advisor) gave his perspective on three main options facing the UK for brexit, and the consequences of each on the food and farming industry in Scotland. Steven concludes that the hardest outcome to consider is “No Deal”, as there are so many unknowns that go alongside it.

To download and read the full article, follow the link below. For any comments, questions or queries, please visit out contact us pages, or email Steven directly on

Deal No Deal Remain, Farm North East Jan 2019

This research was funded by the Scottish Government.  The Scottish Government funding is part of the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Programme 2016-2021, Theme 2, Work Package 2.4 Rural Industries.

Steven Thomson, SRUC