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Farmer Responses to Brexit – Briefing Notes

3 February 2020
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Colleagues at SRUC and the James Hutton Institute have been working together on three short briefings on the results of a survey of 2,494 farmers, crofters and smallholders, ran during the summer of 2018. The briefings focus on: adoption of risk management behaviours, intentions to deliver more “public goods for public money” and regional dimensions to change. To download these in full follow the links below.

Briefing Note 1 – Adoption of Risk Management Behaviours 

Briefing Note 2 – Intentions to Deliver more “public goods for public money”

Briefing Note 3 – Regional Dimensions to Change

Any questions or comments get in touch with us via our contact pages, or email Professor Andrew Barnes (  or Jenny McMillan (

This work was funded under the Scottish Government’s Strategic Research Programme under the Rural Industries work package, specifically the Resilience of rural economies to key external drivers (RD 2.4.1) and How rural economies can adapt to key external drivers (RD 2.4.2) work.


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