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Brexit: social and equality impacts – report

27 January 2020
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A new independent report was published in January 2020 focusing on the social and equality impacts of Brexit, in order to better understand how the UK’s exit from the EU will impact the lives of social and equalities groups in Scotland who may face discrimination or exclusion as a result of their personal characteristics.

People in remote and rural areas are considered one of the 20 groups that may be affected by Brexit, looking at three area of potential impacts through:

(1) their legal rights;
(2) public services and funding;
(3) their employment, housing and (consumer) spending prospects.

People in remote and rural areas may well be subject to reduction in services,  impacts of EU in-migration decline on labour markets in particular, and small businesses my suffer adverse consequences as well as loss of different potential funding routes through EU structural funds.

The Full report can be viewed online here